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In Singapore, many people are not doing regular health screening because they do not feel unwell or necessary to do so. There is a misperception that through a body checkups, many health issues could start to surface.  On the contrary, the purpose of a health screening is the exact opposite i.e. to raise the alarm in advance before it is too late.

On 15 May 2014, The Strait Times highlighted that “ For every 100 people who get cancer, 33 cases can be prevented through having a healthy diet, being physically active, prevention and screening.

Besides facing an ageing population with age related health problems, poor dieting and persistent stress levels have also led to cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetic and other illnesses in Singapore. Preventive health screening in Singapore can lead you towards a better, healthier lifestyle. We are glad to share 95% of a normal population test results will fall within the normal range. Thus only 5% may fall slightly above or below the normal level.

Till date, more than 5000 people have signed up for our health screening packages. Many individuals had also improved their health through personalized nutrition and exercise programs designed by our experienced advisors.

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Everyone should do their medical check up at least once a year!

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