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Is Cow’s Milk Good?

    A study in The BMJ medical journal said people with high intake of cow’s milk died younger and women suffered more fractures compare with people who do not drink cow’s milk. This research has lasted almost 20 years. Therefore, are you sure drinking lots of milk can strengthen your bones and boost your health?

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      VIRUSES are so small that it is even difficult to even see to microscope. Viruses, they usually attack body cells and uses its cellular to function and reproduce. Virus Test Test for virus or its antigen, antibodies presence and other viruses are done in virology laboratories, though not all viruses can be tested. Viruses can only

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        Stroke hemps from high blood pressure, cardiac disease one of the causes, and comes in many forms with diverse outcome. Disabilities vary, depending on the size and location of the stroke. Life is never the same due to the emotional and physical challenges ahead. Months and years of rehabilitation ensues, a degree of paralysis brings consequent

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        High Cholesterol

          Cholesterol – is a soft waxy substance in human cells, blood and food. Dietary cholesterol is found in animal based food, such as meat and dairy products. Plant based food such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains do not have the waxy substance. “Good” and “bad” cholesterol. On its own, cholesterol unable to reach areas

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            What cannot be seen or felt, but wreck havoc inside our body? Inflammation has similarities of high blood pressure, no signs, and no symptoms but very harmful. The arteries throughout our body have a lining called endothelium. A healthy endothelium means the body is getting the nutrients need, arteries are performing as it should, contracting

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            High Blood Pressure

              When blood pressure rises – Blood pressure is the force of blood in the inner walls of our arteries. However, we are unable to feel or see the changes in the blood pressure. Blood pressure is done with a thick cuff wraps around our upper arm, inflates the cuff until it’s uncomfortable, carefully monitors a

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              Health Screening

                Health Screening In all health issues, taking responsibility for one’s health is the first step in preventing and combating illnesses. Responsible for your health means treating your body with respect and understanding how well the body is functioning. Health screening test are done to determine presence of a disease or other health problem. As a

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