Health Screening

    Health Screening

    In all health issues, taking responsibility for one’s health is the first step in preventing and combating illnesses. Responsible for your health means treating your body with respect and understanding how well the body is functioning.

    Health screening test are done to determine presence of a disease or other health problem. As a preventive measure, routine check up is recommended. However, also in cases for clearer and certainty of a suspected ailment specific health screening is undertaken. Any suspected problems with early treatment can prevent outbreak and advancement of the diseases from spreading.

    Health screening examinations have played a principal role in preventive health care for a wide range of common and uncommon diseases. It also enables data to be collected and studies of the disease’s trend and success rate of treatments provided at different stages.

    Screening Test

    Screen test can be done to detect bone density, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetics, tuberculosis and anaemia. Screening for cancer related such as breast, Pap smear and mammogram for women, skin, colorectal, faecal occult test, pelvic, prostate cancer.

    Colon cancer is the nation’s second-leading killer of patients of both sexes. Information gathered by the National Cancer Institute shows the difficulty of moving patients from health screening into preventive care. Identifying patients with colon cancer is urgent because it is much more difficult to cure in the later stages. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments do not come about without side effects as it can cause incontinence, impotence, pain and emotional trauma.

    Genetic Testing

    Genetic Testing can never replace medical checkups and breast self-examination. Genetic testing for susceptibility to breast cancer is only done after a genetic physician evaluates the patient’s family history of cancer. Women who receive the genetic screening are advised to follow up with a physician with formal training in cancer genetics.

    Listen to your body

    Be sensitive to the signals the body is transmitting. In normal circumstances, natural care and medicines of our body is the best form of treatment. Do know the limitations of drug-based medication and its dangers of side effect.


    In place of screening test, preventive health benefits would be successful by changing their negative health habits, such as smoking, drinking and obesity. Monitor one’s eating habits, physical activities and current ailment if any. Review prescription, over the counter medications, as well as supplements. Provide accurate detailed medical history of the family illnesses such as heart attack, diabetes, and cancer.

    Current trend is to review life circumstances, weigh all risk factors faced. Health screening tests play a role in the overall planning, so that the role between doctor and patient relationship will be worked out and better health management.


    Many Medicare patients do not receive the screening tests covered by their medical insurance, either they have forgotten or are not aware of their benefits coverage. It is important they get in touch with the insurers, update their coverage and get necessary rider in ensuring adequate payment of any claims. Patients too must play an active role, preparing a checklist of screening tests with notes on the doctor’s recommended timeline for repeating the tests.

    Health Care Providers

    Health Care Providers do offer health screening package that varies according to the screening test required, taking into account age, gender and the standard or specific test required. Frequency of the screening depends on the needs of the diseases.