2 to Go Cancer Awareness Screening

Health Screening Promotion Package

2 to GO Cancer Awareness Screening

Promotion 2 pax @ $624 Usual $656 only extended till 31 May 2019

Health Screening Profile

This package to applicable for either *2 females or *one male & female.

Haematology : Blood Grouping with Card


Total White Cell Count

Differential Count : Polymorphs, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils, Basophils

Total Red Cell Count

Platelets, Haematocrit, MCV, MCH, MCHC, E.S.R, Peripheral Blood

Diabetic Screen :Glucose (Fasting)

Renal Function (Kidney) :

Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Urea, Creatinine

Bone & joint Screen :

Calcium, Inorganic Phosphate, Uric Acid,
 Rheumatoid Factor

Lipid Screen :

Total Cholesterol Triglycerides, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol T.Chol/HDL Cholesterol Ratio

Liver and Biliary Screen :

Total Protein, Aibumin, Globulin, A/G Ratio Total Bilirubin, Alkaline Phosphatase, GAMMA (GGT)

Thyroid Screen :

Free T4

Hepatitis Virus Screen :

Hepatitis A Antibodies, 
Hepatitis Bs Antigen, 
Hepatitis Bs Antibodies

Tumour Marker :
Colon Cancer – Carcino-embryonic Antigen (CEA)
Liver Cancer – Alpha Feto-protein (AFP)
Pancreatic Cancer – CA 19.9
Nose Cancer – EBV EA+EBNA-1 IgA (EBV)
Prostate Cancer – PSA (Man) / Ovary Cancer – CA125 (Woman)

Urinalysis :
Urine Feme

Stool Test :
Occult Blood & Feme

Body Composition :
Blood Pressure |
 Height | Body Weight

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